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For a newbie, SEO can be a really difficult topic. Even persons with experience may have difficulty to recognize the lots of factors that go into a search engine algorithm (Google panda, penguin and hummingbird). While there is no certain way to get rank a website, there are some definite rules that should always be followed to. Under mentioned errors are all likely to really harm your SEO campaigns, which leads to drop down rankings of website and even it may make your site for serious penalty.
Keyword Stuffing
Keyword research is most essential part of On Page SEO, but you have to prevent stuffing these keywords into your website content (text, audio, videos) in an unpleasant fashion. Your content should be made for visitors rather than trying to hit a keyword and key phrase allowance.
Confusing URL Structure
Some URLs are having arbitrary number and letter patterns. Specially, for ecommerce sites, you should look to your URLs for keeping clear, so it will help the search engines to understand what your website is about.  Make a clear and relevant URL very necessary for SEO, while also assisting your visitors in their queries.
Duplicate Content
It is another most important thing for a website to look about duplicate content. If your site having duplicate content, which will harmful for your site. Google panda may hit your website or send it to Google sand box. So you have to prevent your site from using duplicate content. Sometimes duplicate content is identified in written text blocks that appear on every page, when category and tag pages usually duplicate a post. You can block these type of pages from being listed by Google or others search engines.
Poor Content
There is a greater focus on high quality content, with manual reviews and improved methods able to identify low great quality content. If you are not an excellent writer, use outsourcing for the work to ensure you don’t undo-options all your good SEO work.
Slow Loading Time
If your website takes more time for loading, expect to have to face difficulties in achieving a good ranking. Slower loading causes a poor user practical knowledge, which leads to a high bounce rate. Loading problems can be solved by correcting bad coding, purchasing greater hosting, or utilizing a cache plugin.
Too Many Ads
If you use so many advertise to your website.  It must help you to make good profit, but there is a factor that, it may the cause of drop down your search engine ranking. If a visitor has to feel difficulty to find your content amidst all the ads, search engines will consider this as a poor experience and punish you for this reason.
Not Optimized for Mobile
Mobile browsing is growing each year, so your website needs to take this into account. Search engines have made it obvious that mobile is a great vital factor in SEO, so ensure that your website is designed for mobile phones. You can use a sensitive design to serve all types of phones, tablets, and desktop computers.
Limited Anchor Text
Anchor text has always been necessary to SEO, but sometimes it may make your ranking lower easily from over-optimization. Anchor text requires to appear natural, so your major keywords must be within the limit. A natural anchor text profile will contain different niche terms, brand names, URLs, and generic link text.
Links from Low-Quality Sites
In the past, quantity could often take priority over great quality when it came to generate ranking a website. On the other hand, poor quality links can now be really harmful, which will make down your search engine ranking. A huge variety of links from bad quality websites can cause many issues, with a difficult recovery job required to restore your positions.
Links from Irrelevant Sites
Relevancy can become progressively essential, so prevent too many websites that are not relevant to your niche. Your link user profile should mostly contain relevant websites and wider systems like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
Ignoring Social Media
When the magnitude social media performs on SEO is discussed, it is progressively essential to be effective across these platforms. All social media sites are able to generate high quality back-links, trust, and authority, so you should spend some regular time to upgrading and joining followers.

Buying Links
Buying links is looked down on by the Google or search engines, but within very short time it may change your ranking and help to get higher rank. The fact that the links which is purchased can be effective makes the practice complicated, so you really need to use your own attention. In most cases, though, extended used of such links will eventually be discovered and punished.
Inconsistency is a normal error in the SEO world. All may get some preliminary results, but they often get satisfied and move onto other tasks. SEO needs a regular schedule, with a lack of effort indicating to the Google or search engines that your website has lost reputation.
Using Limited Back link Sources
As with your anchor text, back link resources also need to be wide in their opportunity. A huge variety of links from the same few resources can appear dubious, so make sure that you use a variety of resources, including internet directories, authority weblogs, press release, social media sites, and video websites.
Not Building Relationships
SEO is never remains unchanged, it is changing day by day, so your relationships are essential for continual achievements. If you perform with a blog owner on a higher quality guest post, ensure that to keep this relationship effective into the future. Your relationships will regularly bring up new scope for back-links, content sharing, and social media suggestions.
When there is no specific way to get rank a website for every keyword, avoiding these errors will put you in the best place for achievements. SEO is far easier than it is often represented, but the continuous overflow of information usually befuddles people. Stick to a confirmed strategy, avoid the common errors, and stay reliable in your efforts.

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